Taziki's Coming to the Shoals?

Check out these links for more information on it.  The restaurant is a chain with many locations and I'm glad to see a new category of restaurant come to town.  Seems not to be too expensive either


Corporate Main website: http://tazikiscafe.com/

Maybe it will be a really good place.  My wife knows one girl who has been to the Madison, AL location and says that she likes it really well.

It was a shame that such terrible opening management of the IHOP led to the closing of the IHOP so soon after opening as I always thought that the area would support IHOP very well.  Could be I was extremely wrong but I'll still believe it closed account of the management that IHOP or the franchisee chose to hire.  

I can remember going there and waiting 45 minutes just to get an order of pancakes.  No one is going to survive, in business, by making people wait that long for food. 

Taziki's will be going in a new building next to Grogan Jewelers saw a sign there when passing by a couple of days ago. I have been to the Taziki's in Tupelo, MS multiple times and they have really good tilapia but there Coca-Cola fix is flat. I tried it with ice and then without ice and either way it doesn't taste like Coca-Cola should. 

Bestworking posted:

IHOPs all over the place up here. Nothing at all special about them.

I'm not trying to say there is anything special about IHOP but more to the fact that the "new" (to the Shoals) restaurant closed after an extremely short time after being opened.  Although there may not be anything special about IHOP it was a restaurant that I thought would surely have made it in the Shoals area if it hadn't been for such horrendous choice in management.  I still don't know if the IHOP here was a corporate store or an individual franchise location but whichever it was it was a big investiment on someone's part and I just hated to see it happen, to anyone. 

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