The Birmingham News has scooped the TimesDaily, and in their OWN BACKYARD!

But, for the benefit of the students and others, UNA has one of the BEST student health centers of any university of its size!

UNA issues warning over student quarantined with possible TB

The University of North Alabama has issued a memo to students, faculty and staff with information about a student who has been quarantined for possible tuberculosis.

The e-mail memo was sent from David Shields, the UNA vice president of student affairs, on Thursday afternoon, said UNA spokesman Bill Jarnigan.

The student, who lives off campus, came to the campus health center Thursday morning with a dry cough, drainage and a fever, Jarnigan said. A chest X-ray showed one lung heavily filled with fluid and was partially collapsed, he said.

The student was hospitalized and quarantined at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital “to rule out the possibility of active tuberculosis,” Jarnigan said.
The student had very little contact with students or faculty outside the classroom, Jarnigan said.

It is very difficult for a healthy person to catch tuberculosis and there has to be close or intimate contact for it to spread, Jarnigan said, citing comments from Dr. Patricia Auxier with University Health Services.

Students, faculty and staff were notified as a precaution and to quell rumors, Jarnigan said. The students, faculty and staff were urged to contact the campus health center with any questions, he said.

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