That's what happens when ya' fire professionals that know what they're doing and hire a wet-behind-the-ears rookie... at half their price!
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I don't know who runs the thing, but is IS vey slow and boggy indeed. And it was not like this several months ago. What happened? I don't know whether a forum like this gets slowed down when it has a bunch of stuff backloffed or what, but this one is at about 1/3 its former speed, and that is frustrating. On the good side, they are not censorious and Comstockian like the plu-perfectly awful forums, which have become a JOKE!
Slow here too .. on T1. I wont dare try to look at this site on dial-up.... actually I think I heard my home computer laugh last time I tried to go to Just wait till I work and use T1. Makes me and computer both much happier.
its not being really slow to me but as of yesterday afternoon when I log in it takes me to a mobile page which makes since since I am using a centro which is the only net access I have. But every since then it hasn't let me read any full stories it just says page currently unavailable. and won't even download the whole page half the time considering this has been the first week in about 2 weeks i've even been able to view it at all.
to fix the situation, disable from running somehow-- via hosts or firefox's noscript extention, or disabling flash from running on


Originally posted by James Holden:
appoligies to low res/dialup users. each picture is 180KB each, 1024x768 resoultion

scripts disabled:

scripts enabled:

the majority of the load is from the "our latest videos" section on the left hand side of the site, if i disable brightcove's scripts the site runs fine.

there has to be a more efficent script to do what TD is having the one in place do.

if you want to continue using IE-- google "hosts file" and add to it.

edit: the machine this is on is 1.8ghz with 2mb cache, 1024 (1GB) of ram. plenty of power for a old laptop. i can replicate this issue on my home computer (linux mint 4) or work computer (XP) if need be.
the easiest way is to install the "noscript" extension for firefox, i recommend that over any other.

otherwise, for IE, you can add to your hosts file, direct it to a non-existant IP like localhost (google "hosts file" for more info)

and if you have Opera, no idea-- i'd have to install it and find out.

plus i'm sure theres a setting in flash to disallow certin websites, i just haven't ever had to go about it that way, another google there.
why should we have to jump through lots of hoops to get a website to work. All the other sites work fine for me but the TD is so slow.
Originally posted by cartman88:
why should we have to jump through lots of hoops to get a website to work. All the other sites work fine for me but the TD is so slow.

basically, its probably brightcove's fault for designing a inefficient script then passing it on to TD.

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