Teachers Say: Arm Us But Not With Guns

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however when their union negotiates do they ask for any of this or just more money?    Teachers get paid around $25 an hour,, not great not bad tho   when adding their hours up they are actually  part time, the get some of the best benefits thanks to their union.  oh wait,, my parents are retired teachers they  have received retirement for longer than they worked,, nice.  

as far as up against a ar15,,, i would rather go  down trying rather than hiding,, I would rather go down knowing i tried to save someone.

They're now saying that while this deputy stood at the corner of the building, three others were "hiding" behind a sheriff's vehicle. Aren't they worse that this man who at least radioed in what was happening? Apparently county officers were waiting for city police. Maybe SWAT?

Here's something else you can't make up:


How an Assistant Principal With a Gun Stopped a School Shooter

Assistant Principal Joel Myrick chased Woodham down outside the school, held him at bay with a Colt .45-caliber automatic pistol he kept in his truck in the school parking lot. He forced Woodham to the ground and put his foot on the youth's neck. "I think he's a coward," Myrick said. "I had my weapon pointed at his face, and he didn't want to die."

 I believe Mr. Myrick is on the record as rather having competent armed security instead of armed teachers, but if the best one can hope for from local government is Broward County cowards, then why not?

A teacher in Utah accidentally shot herself in the leg Thursday inside an elementary school building.

Just before 9 a.m., Michelle Ferguson-Montgomery accidentally discharged her gun while using a faculty restroom at Westbrook Elementary School in Taylorsville, the principal said in a letter to students’ parents. The incident occurred before school hours, and no children nor staff were present. The teacher was in legal possession of her gun on school property.



Yep, Arm teachers. Why not.

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