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Phillip Fulmer must have had defense on his mind since the top three candidates for the 'new Tennessee head coach were Defensive Coordinators at Georgia, Auburn, and not least Alabama, this all after the debacle with the attempt to hire away Ohio State's DC.  Even with Kevin Steele being thought the number one choice Fulmer decided to choose Jeremy Pruitt from Alabama.  Actually that's a great choice for Tennessee as not only do they get someone of Pruitt's caliber and someone who has studied and worked under Saban as well as Jimbo Fisher, but they, at the same time, wound their bitter rival, Alabama, by taking away their Defensive Coordinator forcing Alabama, and Nick Saban, to go looking again all here while Saban is preoccupied with the playoff game against Clemson as well as early recruiting season.                     

Now that this facet of the search and hire is over Tennessee has to look forward to finding some accountant to see what all this is going to cost the school what with Pruitt's new salary along with the assistants he hires then the payouts to Butch Jones and his assistants which is in excess of 8 million.  Add to that a most certain chance of litigation with Ohio State's DC over them running his good name through the mud.  


Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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If I was Pruitt I'd have a special clause in my contract that paid me extra for every time I had to endure listening to Rocky Top.  As for Jeremy Pruitt's actual contract you can bet it has at least 5 check marks or goals that he is expected to achieve.  

  1. Beat Florida
  2. Beat Georgia
  3. Beat Alabama
  4. Win the SEC Conference Championship
  5. Win the National Title

Anything short of any of these and in three years they will be ready to flush him like they did Butch Jones.  At least these coaches go out with a golden parachute when they go.

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