For three decades, the scientific “establishment” and the U.S. Dept of Energy have colluded to suppress all knowledge about cold fusion — actually called “Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions” or LENR.LENR offers clean, renewable energy for humanity and could displace a huge portion of fossil fuels consumption globally. Yet the entire field has been suppressed, de-platformed and subjected to widespread ridicule and slander.Sound familiar? That’s what the so-called “science establishment” does to anyone who challenges the current thinking. In that way, “science” isn’t about science at all: It’s about control.Humanity could be enjoying clean, renewable energy, but instead, the science journals, tech giants and Wikipedia all conspire to destroy the entire field of LENR and make sure humanity remains uninformed and controlled.Read the full story here.

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Google Ran A Secret Experiment To Search For Cold Fusion.

Jun 10, 2019, 07:30am

The new Google-funded experiments were run by a team of about 30 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and professors. The seven leaders of the team, who include scientists from UBC, MIT, the University of Maryland, LBL, and Google, described their findings in a paper just published in Nature. After four years of careful experiments, they conclude:

"So far, we have found no evidence of anomalous effects claimed by proponents of cold fusion."

In other words, they couldn't get cold fusion to work. They tried 3 different experimental setups that have been proposed by others, but despite their best efforts, nothing produced any signs of fusion energy.

That's a dam shame but then the talents of the Great Generation has
long passed. We can always fall back on our XBOX..??!

Maybe someone needs to resurrect Robert Oppenheimer or Richard Feynman so they can figure out why every scientist who has looked into and ran experiments on Cold Fusion has been unable reproduce any of the previous claimed positive results.  And, that's the key - reproducible results - consistently reproducible results.  Without that, all there exists is an unsubstantiated hypothesis.   So, it's not some vast scientific conspiracy to suppress a new technology - it's merely a lack of consistent positive scientific results.

My knowledge is very limited on this, but when I worked for OxyChem 20 years ago I attended a conference where the subject of cold fusion came up. At that time only one group of scientists (at a university) claimed to have produced cold fusion. Absolutely no proof of cold fusion ever taking place anywhere. Period.

However, if you want to invest a few dollars, my cousin is working in his garage on an absolute gangbuster formula to turn water into gasoline.

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