It's not right Clemson is still ranked 3rd in the Associated Press this
morning when Texas A&M lost their game to them on a bad call
earlier on Sept. 8th,,, not saying they aren't top 10 just saying they
aren't top 3---


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I agree and think not only is Clemson a little higher than warranted but also Oklahoma who came so close to laying an egg against Army, they were so lucky to escape when Stanford played a heck of a game against a very good and improved Oregon program.

If a team wins, they shouldn't fall, or if they do, it shouldn't be by much.   All teams (with the possible exception of Bama this year) have off games.   If you punish them for pulling out a win that could leave them out of a national title hunt.   That is what makes a good team great, they find ways to win when they aren't playing well.

Look at the 91-92 Bama team that won the national title.   They beat LA Tech by a score of 13-0.   They beat a bad Vandy team 25-8 and they just got by Southern Miss at 17-10.   You could easily say that isn't the resume of a top 5 team, much less national champion, but it was. 

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