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No doubt that we are rich in talent in the music industry with writers and producers in this area that have much more success than many people know.

Believe it or not the Shoals is blessed with better schools than many other areas in the state and nation wide. We take many things for granted others can only wish for like safety, good facilities, community interest in the well being of the schools and kids. Even the worst school(s) in this area are better than many systems elsewhere.

Last but not least just being in the heart of Dixie is a big plus. In general people are more polite, have grounded morals, and aren't too liberal in their ways. If you travel (particularly north) very much you know what I mean.
Marriott was and is a good idea. Great first impression for anyone visiting our area.

Spring Park and downtown Tuscumbia is beautiful. Great job there.

First Fridays are great! Brilliant idea!

The festivals we have are good, but more variety would make them better.

Definate improvement in the Regency Square Mall due to new management.

Florence downtown area appears to be growing.

UNA mentioned in the paper recently - record enrollment.
From what I have seen, and just from one county school,Lexington,seems to be one of the schools that have the best intrest of the children in mind.The SAT scores seem to bear that out.with kids in the top of the nation. I think the Lexington school system should be applauded,in their effort. From kinderdarden all the way through high school. The scores seem to speak for themselves.I know I am thankful fo all the teachers there,
Could it be that most of the kids come from mostly stable families? And the teachers communicate very well with parents Over 400k in scholiships were awarded from just last school year. hey, ther are doing something right.very thankful for their efforts.

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