The Clampetts moved to Beverly Hills, California in 1962 & a lot has changed:

The Beverly Hillbillies was funny TV series long ago. Nothing funny about living in California Today.


  I love California, the state that has been run at the State & Local level by Democrats for the past 50 years. Jerry Brown is the Poster child of what a True Liberal aspires to become, after all, he’s the longest serving Governor in California history. Calif has proudly touted for past 50 years to be nearly the largest economy in the US and 5th largest world economy, if it were an independent Country.

  The liberalism mindset has lead the State to acknowledge some of the Highest paid salaries for workers in the country, having such companies established in CA.(listed below),  beautiful mild climate for year round living, great for camping out. Not to mention some of the highest cost of living for basics and some of the highest State & Municipal Debt in the US, due to liberal democrat policies shaping the states ever demanding future Cost & Expenses, for its residents.  

  For past 50 years California politics loved to promote being the “Trend Setter” for the rest of the country. But what became of those Trends and all the political hype they promoted/promised their voters. Huge Mounds of Debt!!! Perpetual Motion of State & Local Governments Demanding  Additional Revenue to Satisfy the Interest on that Ever Growing Debt!!!

 Today’s Results Show another Side of California:

  1. Real estate property/housing has the Highest Valuations rates. Sounds Good? (Higher Taxes based upon Valuation) Doesn’t sound so good… 
  2. 1 in 5 people are living under the poverty level, which is the highest poverty level in the Country. Not Mississippi, as Calif. political leaders like to poke-fun of the Southern states.
  3. Highest Homeless population in the Nation. Democrats solution is to throw money to the homeless by putting them up in motels, at tax payer expense, as the solution, but for how long….Then, what or where are they to go….
  4. Clean yourself up and Get a Job…I’m Sorry, I forgot about your drug habit & mental disorders…


** Some "S&P 500 Companies" that call California Home: (Can’t afford to lose a company to another state)

Here are the impressive California companies on the list & rank as of 2017:

  • 3: Apple
  • 5: McKesson
  • 19: Chevron
  • 25: Wells Fargo
  • 27: Alphabet
  • 47: Intel
  • 52: Disney
  • 59: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • 60: Cisco Systems
  • 61: HP
  • 81: Oracle
  • 92: Gilead Sciences
  • 98: Facebook
  • 119: Qualcomm
  • 123: Amgen
  • 156: Molina Healthcare
  • 157: PG&E
  • 161: Aecom
  • 178: Gap
  • 187: Visa
  • 198: Synnex
  • 214: CBRE Group
  • 217: Western Digital
  • 219: Ross Stores
  • 222: Farmers Insurance Exchange
  • 235: Edison International
  • 247: Core-Mark Holding
  • 264: PayPal Holdings
  • 265: Applied Materials
  • 280: Sempra Energy
  • 302: Pacific Life
  • 310: EBay
  • 314: Netflix
  • 320: Reliance Steel & Aluminum
  • 326:
  • 330: Live Nation Entertainment
  • 357: Charles Schwab
  • 383: Tesla
  • 387: Nvidia
  • 395: A-Mark Precious Metals
  • 405: Franklin Resources
  • 406: Activision Blizzard
  • 414: Sanmina
  • 430: Avery Dennison
  • 440: Lam Research
  • 443: Adobe Systems
  • 453: Clorox
  • 464: First American Financial
  • 465: Symantec
  • 468: NetApp
  • 474: Mattel
  • 493: Robert Half International
  • 498: Yahoo

Many are household names.

Now that’s quite a resume of Huge Companies for a State to fall back on, to have 1 in 5 people living under the poverty level in California and State Govn’t Debt that will never be Paid Off  for all the “Wants/ Needs & Regulations” the Democrats have administered on the backs of those remaining working folks & companies.

 I have a better understanding Why Democrats are pushing for minimum wage set at $15/Hour. Solving the need for more Taxation/Revenue to pay on Debt and the massive homelessness problem, while attempting to pull those above the poverty level, in the Land of Milk & Honey….

 Just think if Calif. got rid of all the Liberal Regulations and Cut Taxes, they could possibly be the 3rd largest economy in the World. Don't look now but businesses and population are leaving California in droves. In 10-20 years all you will have left are liberal Hollywood and more homeless illegals. Much like the Deteriorated Large Democrat run Cities where folks got Wise and Moved Out & Away from all the runaway high taxation & crime infested neighborhoods.

 I certainly hope California is not setting a Trend Today with their situation. Governments always wanting/needing more Revenue/Taxes to pay for More & More Govn't Services, which continue to Grow & Grow & Grow… ”Revenue? It will Never Be Enough”.

Original Post

Governor Moonbeam said California is at war with the federal government.  Perhaps, he should hire a medium to summon the shade of Jefferson Davis.  Jeff would probably tell him secession isn't a good idea.

However, I could suggest a couple of names for the place -- New Venezuela and Commifornia come to mind.

Jed Clampett certainly had different ideas from the present lot.  He treated women with respect and was supporter of the second amendment.


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