The Clinton campaign's email use wasn't just careless — it was dangerous

While no one wants any foreign entity to interfere with our political process, there is more to be concerned about than just data breaches. Even though Russian hackers may have been the culprits for distributing emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign, hackers didn’t compose the messages that provided a glimpse into Democratic thinking. The hacking also exposed that the Clinton campaign’s careless use of email and devices was more than just bad choices — it was potentially giving foreign actors access to sensitive information and possibly compromising our national security. It also demonstrated that President Barack Obama was naive in dealing with world leaders and thought taking a passive approach to foreign relations was just as effective as maintaining strong cyber and natural borders. I welcome the change that is coming.

— Jeff Shoemaker, Lake in the Hills

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It was more than dangerous, it was, - I don't give a dam indifference
because I'm the beast and no one will challenge me. - Careless
is when you lose your car keys or your four year old kid. Her win
would've been the final act of taking over this country. I believe
that and I believe all indicators point in that direction.


The mobumie and the Clinton gang hated each other but had to
play by the Soros rules. Those emails in there entirety could put
at least thirty people in prison and very bad relations with several
other countries. That's how sure of herself and how stupid they all
were to let it happen.......... 
There's no telling how much, since Nov 19, emails have been
deleted, how many hard drives crushed and how many tons
of paper have been shredded, not to mention all the new fones
that rolled in and they can steal all the H's from the keyboards,
Yuge is OK with me........

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