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We've gone through many Forth of July celebrations and holidays yet, and maybe it's me, I've never heard so much complaining about how much it cost.  All through the Obama years I never heard the media or anyone complain about the cost of anything he did from the many concerts or parties he held at the White House for his musician friends and Rappers nor did I hear any complaints when he flew Michelle, her mother, and friends on vacations to various places on the government's account.  Nor did I hear any complaint about the photo op of flying Air Force One (or the President's plane because it's only Air Force one when the president is aboard) over the New York skies.  

Nor did I hear complaints about the many vacations or golfing outings that the Obama made yet all the media and Democrats can do is complain about anything Trump does.  Now, under Trump, is the cost of anything of concern to anyone it seems.  Sorry but I'm not buying it.  I was happy to see some of our military hardware being shown and celebrated and I can guarantee you if Obama had done it or any democrat there would have not been a negative word said or printed about it.  They didn't have to worry about that with a Democrat though because Democrats today apparently have no love for our country but feel and believe America has done wrong and is the great offender and should apologize for everything and anything.  So hearing the media complain about the cost of the celebration which of course was classified as something negative and not something positive is only predictable with the media today.  Actually I hesitate to call them media as with all their propaganda they have relinquished the news aspect of their operations for totally biased political grandstanding.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

Original Post
Trump has accomplished more in three years than the last four did
put together. Don't worry, Trump is on track to set even more records
as time goes on, mainly because he's the only one that has taken the
office of President seriously since Reagan.
The liberal bull pin of dysfunctional candidates isn't funny, it's sad and
would be the complete downfall of America as we once knew it.
Where am I wrong..?? 

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