The East Is Red

China's first satellite was basically a music box that broadcast a ditty called, "The East Is Red."

In a different fashion, much of the northeast is fading from blue to red as 4 of the six states elected (gasp) Republican governors.

"Last November, while most of the country was either cheering Donald Trump's presidential win or making an appointment with their therapist about how to cope with the results, New Englanders in four out of the region's six blue states ” Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine” woke up the next morning with four Republican governors.

Two of those governorships flipped from blue to red. It was a trend that the Northeast had not seen for a generation, but it received little national attention. (Connecticut and Rhode Island hold their governorship elections in 2018.)

While, the states didn't go for Trump, its evident that at the state level, the voters are waking up to the extreme mess the Dems made locally.  Hopefully, to use a leftie term, more voters will be woke -- woke to the extreme disaster of Democrat rule for decades. 


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