The Economic Crash Will Come Like a Thief In the Night

The economic collapse of the United States is underway according to many experts. The Trump administration has done an admirable job putting people back to work and keeping manufacturing in the country. However, the damage done by Clinton, Bush and most of all Obama is too much to overcome. The crushing debt is sucking the life out of the American economy. . I previously cited the Governmental Accounting Office (GAO) and their dire numbers. Today, we look at the housing numbers and there is virtually no difference between the housing numbers of today and the hosing numbers of 11 years ago that collapsed the economy. We did not not learn a thing from the bankers stealing from us. Nobody went to ail for thir ponzi schemes and now they are back.

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The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance

and to Destroy what gives them freedom

 If liberals can't cheat, they can't win

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