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When a guy teaching advanced calculus starts spouting forth on matters religious (or, if you will, a-religious) there should probably be a line drawn.

Two words: Ten your.

I agree that when a student pays 500 bucks to be taught calculus, he should not be compelled to listen to a sermon during that class. On the other hand, a professor in a college setting is certainly allowed great amount of latitude in his/her delivery.

But the chain of command seems to work fine for these sorts of things. Tenure laws allow for dismissal of non-performing proffs.

But when a student professes a 6000 year old earth during a geology lecture on rock dating, he certainly should expect a "sermon" from the atheist geologist why that is stupid.

When a student professes that the bible accurately states that Pi equals 3.5, the math proff certainly should have a discussion.

When a pre-med student reveals that he will rely on God for guidance during a surgical procedure, his proff certainly should expel the fundy from the medical field forever. Wink

So there are times when religious or a-religious proselytizing is necessary in an adult learning institution.
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I wonder what the Evangelical Handbook would say about this:Link

Upon watching this, Evangelicals may make blanket statements about atheists lumping them together using insulting remarks. The following are such statements from Letters to the Editor in Alabama newspapers. I responded to all of these which made me a “Christian hater.“

"Atheists stay in bed all morning and stay up late at night reading a salacious bestseller."
"As for the secularists, they should simply be ignored."
"To allow atheists in public offices is a mighty dangerous thing."
"If a person can't determine between right and wrong, he or she has no right making decisions for the public."
"You cannot love your neighbor without first loving God."
"Secular humanism is Satan's masterpiece."
"Humanism is the religion of Lucifer."
"Humanists not so opened minded."
"Because atheists believe the universe will someday come to an end, there is no
ultimate purpose to anything in their life."
"It is the atheists who are offended by my view that there is a God who loves them."
"Judge Roy Moore is protecting the people from those people who don't believe in God."
"I think I'm doing pretty well in politics if the atheists sue me, especially in Jacksonville."
Personally, I like ghosts. I have a few that visit me regularly. Like an old friend.

Cool. Can you summon them at will? Because if you can, I know someone who will give us a million bucks for it.

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Perhaps they're right. Maybe you don't exist.



Oh my, I'm a figment of my own imagination!
"Cogito ergo sum"

By this criterion, there is a segment of our society that does not exist. Ironically, they believe in the non-existent.
If I do not exist, therefore you do not exist and my non-existence is more important than your non-existence as you have to be a figment of my non-existence.

LOL. Razzer
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I have learned over the years that all evangelical Christians have memorized the same handbook. They all regurgitate the same slogans, e.g., “You hate God,” “Out of context;” parrot the same threat, “You will stand before God on judgment day;“ incessantly quote irrelevant passages from the Bible, e.g., “He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end;” make claims about biblical “science” without ever supporting them, e.g., “Many scientists state that evolution is a flawed theory;” rewrite history, e.g., “America was founded by devout Christians as a Christian nation.”

They unanimously repeat the same story about becoming a believer. They confess that they had once been an evil atheist. Yes, Satan had blinded them from the truth. But in a moment of divine revelation God had opened their hearts and minds to the truth. They had been yanked away from Satan’s clutches and are now saved.

This, of course, is nothing more than one more lie used in an attempt to defend oneself against the forces of reason. It is inconceivable that a person who was knowledgeable enough to reject superstitions and myths earlier in their life could possibly forsake reason in favor of religion at a later period of development. Yes, there are isolated cases where this could happen. A person could have suffered a trauma that caused sever disorientation with associated mental lapses. They chose to rely on a mental crutch. However, as a rule--once a person of reason, always a person of reason.

Fortunately for the fate of humankind, the opposite is occurring. More and more individuals are becoming better educated and less intimidated by supernatural threats. The vocal religious majority is being exposed as unethical hypocrites--resulting in a loss of respect and authority. As individuals begin to question the absurdities that they once were afraid to question, reason comes closer to victory in the war against archaic dogma.

Reason bless America!

David, I'm getting into this string very late and admit that I have not read very many of the responses.

I agree with your accessment of evangelical "christians" as you call them I'll be be a little more direct and say "unsaved christians".

To be true they preach lies you are able to see that, where we will most likely disagree is that I believe that their lies do not make God a liar.
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To be true they preach lies you are able to see that, where we will most likely disagree is that I believe that their lies do not make God a liar.

No, we agree. Their lies do not make God a liar. I also do not believe that lies by the Aztecs made Quetzalcoatl a liar.

God is proven by the bible, but the bible is full of lies.

Just for one example, there was no Egyptian captivity of the Jews.

So, god is proven by the bible, the bible is sanctified by god, and the bible lies.

Do the math.

Originally posted by bluefishbeagle:
I'll be be a little more direct and say "unsaved christians".

Isn't that an oxymoron?

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