Folk lore holds that a live frog placed in a cool pot of water will, as the heat increases, will fall asleep and be boiled alive.  In actual experiments, the frog jumps out of the pot.


"Hollande Converts, Proposes Austerity and Lower Taxes To Boost Growth in France"


The policy battle of the last six years has been over how governments should respond to the recession that swept most of the globe, the slow growth that followed, and high unemployment. One camp argued for immediate large increases in government spending financed by borrowing, followed early in the recovery by higher taxes on the rich. The other recommended decreased government spending paired with tax cuts and increased labor market flexibility. For the most part, the first camp has carried the day, with governments around the world first reaching record budget deficits and then passing tax increases on high earners. However, this week in a major sea change on the policy battlefield, President Hollande of France announced a conversion.


FranÇois Hollande is not just the President of France; he is a socialist who had until this week campaigned boldly on a platform defending government spending, maintaining social benefits, and high taxes on the wealthy. France has the highest ratio of government spending to GDP of any developed economy, at 57 percent. So when President Hollande announced he now wanted tax cuts on businesses and cuts in government spending, the news caused tremors throughout the world of economic policy makers.


Even more devastating for those pushing for more government spending as the solution, President Hollande specifically said that only businesses could create jobs and revive growth. Somewhere, Paul Krugman probably cried"


I've heard that even larger tax and spending cuts may be in order.




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I hope the U.S. has enough strength to jump out of the pot.

Strength won't help when you have a lib holding you down by your ankles.


Or, sitting on the pot lid.


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Progressive ideas built this country.  New inventions, methods, etc.

Conservative ideas (no, no, no; go back like it used to be) are killing this country

Same old left wing straw man, wish they'd learn a new song after so many decades.  The left operates on a 19th century theory that's consistently failed -- especially ironic considering the theme of this thread.  The French left are retreating.  In Venezuela, a regime once praised by the left is causing complete disintegration of their society -- proving that even with the largest oil reserves outside Arabia, there's not enough money to fund the left's dreams.


The US was built upon the ideal of limited government, allowing people to achieve their full potential. and, yes, capitalism -- an economic system based upon how people interact with each other, not a 19th century theory, which consistently fails.


The lesser of two evils prevailed.  In the last election we saw people re-elect someone who was in the process of raising taxes, implementing a healthcare system that over 53% of the people did not want, and someone who had doubled the national debt......but if you voted against him, you were I said...morons.  To continue to do the same old thing and expect a different result is the defintion of stupidity. 

Besides Venezuela, in South America, there's another object lesson -- Argentina.  During the first part of the 20th century, Argentina was the second wealthiest nation in the western hemisphere. The Brits had a saying "rich as an Argentine."  Thru similar idiotic decisions by government, they destroyed their nation's wealth -- took a Mussolini wannabe, various military brasshats and three presidential bimbos (ones in power now) to do the job. If Hillary is elected in 2016, the US will copy their stupidity with an ex-president's bimbo of our own. 

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