The Lincoln memorial

should be taken down, if all historical figures and monuments are to
be outlawed, no federal/public or commercial land to display statues or
scenes of historical record. Statues of Michael Luther King are racist
and offensive, just another reminder of the hypocritical life style of the
freedom drunken orgy riders. Maybe the written records should be
left out as well. What's good for the whining few should be OK with the
the actual stewards of the Country.   



The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance

and to Destroy what gives them freedom


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Just like the coming eclipse so has political correctness and these people wanting all Confederate statues removed.  These were Americans also and many were not fighting to keep men enslaved but for the individual rights of various states to determine their own direction.  It isn't that far removed from what many Californians are wanting now since Trump's election. 

You study history to learn from it as well as appreciate it.  What's next burning certain books because we don't like some of their content.  Racism is wrong but the media and many on the left are making an existence off of it.  You don't go select one form of racism then condone and celebrate another depending on its source and the group from which it comes. 

Black lives matter groups were filled with racial hatred yet were celebrated and given status by the media and even by the then President as he invited them into the White House and the Democrats have them legitimacy by putting them on their convention.  Some in the media, some advocates and some politicians thrive on racism and desire it and promote it.  Democrats falsely assigning racism to Republicans when their party is replete with racism in its history but today they use it to secure minority votes.  

Where would people like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton be without people being stirred up in a frenzy?  The media calls out some racism while ignoring other depending on the source.  The way you stop racism is to condone it all no matter the source.  What is happening now though is depending on the source some racism is tolerated, used, manipulated, condoned and even celebrated depending all on who the source is and upon whom the racist acts are against.  All racism does not belong to white Americans, there is no patient on it.  If racism is wrong, which it is, then ALL racism is wrong and should be seen negativity. 

To ignore history or what's going on just because it's uncomfortable is to set up a scenario to repeat the mistakes of history.  The moves by some to totally eliminate anything to do with the Confederacy only serves to inflame many and sets a dangerous precedent.  Slavery is and was wrong, to use people like that for the profit and gain of a few but what many don't report is there is slavery, of a kind today in America, with the use of and abuse of illegals from Mexico and South America many who are nothing but modern day slaves for many land owners and rich who use and abuse them as maids, housekeepers who work for very little and are kept enslaved to their employers by fear of their immigration status.  

Who is their voice today?  Where is the outrage over that form of slavery or the women who are slaves in the sex trade so prevalent today.  I'm sorry but selective outrage and any allowed racism is wrong and should be recognized as such.  Why do we tolerate a NAACP organization yet decry as racist a similar organization if it is for white people?  Why is allowing and creating college groups and homes, clubs for one race not racist but it's racist if a white group does exactly the same?  All racism is wrong and you don't fight the problem by feeding it and promoting it when it happens to feed your political and or economic needs.  I fear for the future when sanity is a victim and bigotry is condoned and celebrated depending on the group it is sourced to.  But that is just my own opinion and some would call that biased purely and only because of the subset group I'm assigned to.

The reasons for  secession and the civil war are two separate things.  I've read the statements that about six of the states gave as their reasons for secession.  Unfortunately, five listed slavery as the main reason.  Texas gave slavery, but also listed the federal government's failure to secure Texas' borders -- banditti (their term) from the south, renegade Indians from the Oklahoma territory (Texas gave Oklahoma to the US as part of their deal to join the US) and raiders from Missouri.  

Reasons for the civil war were different: to include Lincoln breaking his word to not resupply the federal forts in the south and, simply, the presence of the federal army in the south.  I've derided ISIS for destroying non-Islamic (and some Islamic) monuments.  Then, kicking the monuments, if statues, like they were attacking real people.  Then, I saw the Resistance pull down the statue of the confederate soldier in Durham, NC.  Some were kicking the soldier.  The Resistance is no better than ISIS.  

About 10 to 15 years after the civil war, veterans of both sides came together to forgive and heal their wounds.  Retirement villages were built in the south for vets of both sides to reside.  If, men who once fired upon each other at mere tens of yards away, then closed with bayonets and sabers, could forgive, what kind of person attempts to dig up hatred from over 150 years ago? 

Its pretty much cultural cleansing the NSDAP committed during Kristallnacht -- burning books and stores (later people) and  Mao's Cultural Revolution.   

From the beginning, A federal judge's ruling has cleared the way for the alt-right group "Unite the Right" and white nationalists to hold a rally in downtown Charlottesville, they had a right to be there.

Ignorant and stupid loony liberals didn't have a right to interfere
with a sanctioned event, their liberal freedom of speech is all that
they see, while they will themselves judge as to who else has the
Constitutional right of that freedom.
Liberals started it, they paid the price and blamed everyone but
their own arrogance. Her death is on the socialist not sees.
And the nauseating fake lying news says Trump isn't sorry
enough and didn't say what they wanted to hear,,, which will
never be adequate about anything.

I wonder how long it will be before some, self hating, liberal, here in Florence, goes to the City Council demanding that the Confederate soldier statue in front of the Courthouse be taken down?  I was happy to hear that the officials in Durham are going to go after those that destroyed the statue there and will prosecute them.  Now we're seeing many faint heart liberals stumbling over themselves trying to give up statues or monuments in their own cities in attempts to garner a bit of the news.  

The National media is all over trying to tie Donald Trump to these, so called, hate groups and the violence that happens among them yet you never heard a whimper out of the media about the Bernie Sander's supporter with the hit list and shooting the Republican congressman.  I believe the (liberal) media outlets are stirring up a lot of the discontent and they are reporting everything with their usual bias.  I'm glad also to hear that there are groups forming to oppose movements to remove the monuments.  As predicted, and echoed by Al Sharpton (one of the biggest RACIST out there) they are attempting to go after Thomas Jefferson and some of the founders of the Nation due to them owning slaves at that time.  I don't doubt that Soros money is largely behind a lot of the violent left and protesters from the left but I think the agenda is far more than Confederate statues and monuments but goes right to the heart of our Nation and Country (as founded) our Constitution.  

If they are successful at targeting Jefferson then next it will be George Washington and many of the other founders and then rest assured the Constitution itself because it was drafted by these men.  They can't win at the ballot box and in elections so they will attempt to use a sympathetic (pathetic) media to cover for them and attempt to use Judges and other means to accomplish their non-American desires to delegitimize this Nation as it was founded.  At least that is my opinion regarding a lot of it.

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