Today while stopping by the Muscle Shoals Publix, I discovered Pie Factory will be coming to the shopping center(Muscle Shoals Commons). This will be Pie Factory's second location, they already have a location in downtown Florence.

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I like their pizza, but I know someone who doesn't particularly like it because it is not thick crust. Their crust is New York style, about half away between thin and regular crust. If you like that style crust, you'll probably like the Pie Factory.

BTW: They have really good bread(I find their bread to taste similar to Ricatoni's bread) and really good wings as well.

I've always been satisfied with the pizzas at the Pie Factory either downtown or in Muscle Shoals.  This is from my last trip.

Pie Factory 2 photoPie Factory 1 photoPie Factory 3 photo

We just got the Cheese pizza but it was extremely hot and didn't take that long to arrive at the table but we did have enough time to enjoy one of their Caesar salads.  You can also see that it was covered in cheese but yes was the New York crust which is a thin crust but over all it was the best tasting pizza we've found in the Shoals area.         


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