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as long as you come first,then can I come?

Eeker did you mean for that to sound that way ?

Did you know that you are not the only one wondering if it was meant to sound that way??
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Can anyone come?

sure, if you can find where i am Big Grin
just put together things i've said in other posts and maybe it will be easy?
It would be nice if PUF could go. Don't you think she deserves a little getaway?
Hey Frog, you either live in Cypress Lakes MS or in the auto dept of Walmart in Florence.......havent figured out which yet but Im working on it?
Why would a bunch of Ladies want to go to Hooters?

yea...we want Hooters we just look down, right?

Maybe we could make it a game:Find PUF?

can i change my name to Waldo?
Come on, you like your name, don't you?

i like my screen name.
i like my Native American name, it (i was told) means "water music."
and i like my real first and middle names.... both mean "Moon Goddess."

is there psychological meaning to that?
I forgot, we are trying to find you, I bet you listen to a train don't you?

yep. they sound nice. do others like them?

(and once i'm found i don't need lunch, but we need to find someone else, okay?)
Hey, Didn't PUF post earlier that she lived 2 blocks from Captain D's and 3 blocks from Ricks??
I bet you have a good start on me, don't you?

Greens are in Lexington and we both know them, but the way those two get around in doesn't narrow it down much. I think you have mentioned being between Greenhill and Lexington, right?
My paternal grandmother told me, plus there are many books and online sites. Have you tried googling "name definitions" ?
"moon/happy water" names..........are you sure your not Frank Zappas kid?

the long lost Zappa kid....maybe i can get rich?
For now. Since I learned how to get a avatar from somewhere other than the TD ones, I will probably be going wild for awhile, but I think I like the Kitty best so far, don't you?
Originally posted by Mr Knowitall:
how come i didnt get any takers on the nashvile tour guide?
I need a trip away from home soon!!

Would you believe my hubby will not let me go?

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