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Hey Mr knowitall, how did the trip to six flags with sunnygirl go?

stood me up, can you believe it!!??
Isn't it supposed to be like riding a bicycle, once you learn, you never forget??
i've not ridden a bike in years, either...lol.

What did you say, You forgot something?

when you have no opportunities to apply what you know it feels like forgetting.
that make sense?
nope. it's thunder...and something that sounds like a train.
tornadotornadotornado Eeker

ooops... it IS a train.

scary weather season, right?
Originally posted by allysmom:
Not meaning to change the subject, but has anyone heard from fatnomore?

Thanks! I appreciate that I am missed!!

It got cold so I thought I was supposed to go back into hibernation.

Has anybody heard from Brentenman?

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