Time out for a joke
A wife dumped her husbands breakfast in his lap. When he asked why did you do that? She relpyed because you are a loosy lover. The husband sat there a while and then hit her with the frying pan. When she asked why did you do that,he replied, because you know the difference.
bree, all you have to do is ask a question, then someone else will reply back with another question, can you play?
Originally posted by unclegus:
Ok no more skillet. How about the weather today, is it going to rain?

Uncle Gus,
Have you ever been hit with a skillet?
Originally posted by (aka)PuckerupFrog:
nice brown crust, sliced open then smothered in beans? or real butter?

Mmmmmmmm, Can't we use both beans and butter?
Not making it again for awhile, don't wanna become addicted, ya' know?

Wouldn't beans and butter together be lethal?
Wouldn't beans and butter together be lethal?[/QUOTE]

But wouldn't it be worth it for some good cornbread?
My father and mother in law always did cracklins every year. Had lots of cracklin cornbread over the years...

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