Originally posted by sunnygirl24:
Have ya'll missed me????

You didn't happen to meet up with a frying pan while you been gone did you? Big Grin
NO, NO, and NOOO..would ya'll believe that school is trying to kill me? Has anyone been so stressed and busy that they don't even know what day of the week it is or even have time to think?
This is my favorite forum over the others,all through the foodtalk is a close 2nd.How about you?
i like this one and miscellaneous then foodtalk.
anyone else notice new area called Shoals Woman?
it should be called Shoals people though, right?
Oh I sorry, this is the Question game, Don't you know I like you women of the Shoals? (especialy in shoals creek).
Originally posted by (aka)PuckerupFrog:
i would love to have fun and i'm easily amused, are you?

I am so easily amused I get a kick out of throwing crickets (from a fishing trip) to the bull frogs in the little water garden in the backyard. What a hoot! How about you?
Well, that's more humane than sticking hooks through them :::shudder::: i always hated doing that.
A lot of things amuse me in some way. It's all in how you look at life.
A favorite is taking a book to the park and reading in between bouts of people watching.
Ever notice how some people's butts move when they walk?
The amusement is in how they move.
Some tuck, some roll, some look, as my grandfather used to say, "like two monkeys playing in a burlap sack"
and that isn't a question is it? (but that is)

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