you do know that you will have me watching peoples butts at work today don't you?
oh yea. And you do know that you'll now be more self conscious of how your own looks when you walk, don't you?
Have you ever been the person behind the car that had someone fall asleep in it?
one time about 4am I fell asleep waiting for a train (passed out really) when I woke up it was daylight, dont you think I was freaked out?
Have you ever sat at a busy intersection, and watched traffic?

I watch people everywhere and it isn't just butt watching. I notice things like pretty eyes or nice hair or smiles on both men and women. If someone looks worried or like they're having a bad day i send them good thoughts. Can't hurt, right?
I used to watch the traffic where I once was employed,( there on the corner of south court and Vetrans) and was quite amused, at what?
well, you said corner of S.Court and Veteran's (which is still Union and Spring streets to me) and if you worked at at Coca-Cola plant in the front window your back would have been to the street and the Holiday Inn wouldn't have given much of a view of the intersection and neither would the Help Center that kinda narrowed it down, right?
I used to do part time work for a local P.I. and suveillance was my specialty. Old habits are hard to break, right?
I used to do P.I. work.
I wasn't offically liscensed as a P.I., but didn't have to be since i worked under a liscensed P.I.
Cool to get paid for people watching, eh?
Don't you know you could make some good money around here if you still did that?
Under cover or on top of the cover - either way! haha - hey, did I tell ya'll that I thought someone took my puppy? Well, did I tell ya'll that I got her back!! Aren't you happy for me??
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Don't you know you could make some good money around here if you still did that?

I had the chance to get back into it about a year ago but had to turn it down. It can be dangerous and if something happens to me there's no one to take care of my son so i can't risk it.
The man i worked for killed himself last winter. His ex-wife owns the business and she is very good at her work. If you need a P.I. i'll recommend her, okay?
My (step) daughter has been one for about 5 years. She has followed in mine and her dad's footsteps. My husband and i were both B.E.A.'s, but i only did it when there was a female skipper. I don't have the killer instinct for that side of the
My daughter does work for Mitchell's Bail Bonding and IMO that is the best agency around. Some of the others have been around a lot longer, but i think Lorraine M. has the better reputation.
Why not give her a call?
I will, thanks! I contacted another well known in the area but he only wanted a "mule", didnt want to pay. Does your daughter work FOR them or is she contracted TO them?
Daughter doesn't work on contract. She just does it when she's in the mood or, as she puts it, "i feel like kicking some ***...think i'll see if Lorraine has anyone i can go track down."
Guns, tattoos, pierced tongue, former bouncer.....i call her my Little Princess. Really ticks her off, ya' know?
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You Win! It has been 24 hours since the last post! Since Pf's post wasn't a question...Does Mr. KIA Win??

It only took 51 pages...he he

Just an observation!
I have a lot of buttons. Some are easily pushed.
Some haven't been pushed in years... know what i mean, Vern?
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Boredom set in yesterday. As a result of said boredom i reposted my profile at
I will wind up being glad i'm still single...or maybe there is a lifeform out there, somwhere, that will be compatible with my lifeform?
My puppy is a YorkiePoo. Don't you just hate best buy sometimes? Had my laptop less than a year and have had to carry it back to them twice - geez, does it get any better?

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