To recieve one must also give, don't you agree?

I've always been more comfortable giving than receiving. Maybe because i've had more experience with it?
just a bit and considering i use to make my living helping people get over their's it's kinda funny, right?
doctor therapist, heal thyself...lol
I didn't work Tuesday so i went in today. Because of my son my volunteer job lets me be pretty flexible with my hours, but since i'm the only one that does what i do if i don't do it it don't get done and then there's more to do the next time.
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I exposed a little too much of my deck on that thread so Im thinking I should leave this one alone until it turns around?
I enjoy my work, it's good to feel useful and productive. And i have a great boss. Does anyone else?
I have a pretty good boss. He is nosy as all get out though. Really gets on my nerves some days. Does anyone else have one that butts into their conversations even if it is a phone conversation?
Let me tell you, I have the worst boss of all. I promise you, someday I will tell you all about ; what did you say?
Originally posted by (aka)PuckerupFrog:
I enjoy my work, it's good to feel useful and productive. And i have a great boss. Does anyone else?

I have a good "boss" - he's retiring, though. Frowner

Anyone going to RELAY FOR LIFE in Russellville tonight? (Pray for the storms to stay away!)
my boss lives in Russellville and is very much involved with the Relay in Muscle Shoals. Isn't it great how people give to that?
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Hey sunnygirl, is all that studying getting you down?

Didn't I tell ya I am done with studying? Two more days of student teaching and I am 100% finished. I am just waiting on grades and to see if I passed - Don't you think that is the most stressful part??
Originally posted by sunnygirl24:
I just want a break - nothing fancy - just a day to myself, know what I mean??

Do you ever have one of them days when you don't even answer the phone if it rings?
right. It does not bother me at all to let it ring. Did you know that I have had cell and house phone going off all day long (on my 1 day off)? Do you think I answered either one of them?
It would depend on the type of people. A hangout type crowd would not be good. Last time i was there i thought it would be best to have (an optional) straight entrance from the parking area to the bridge. As open and viewable as possible instead of the shady trail entrance. Or has that changed?
And wouldn't it be nice to have a solid flooring strip to make it handicapped and stroller accesible?
It is too high up in the air for me. Is there anyone else here who gets a little woozy when they are up that high?
I do if i look straight down so i focus outwards at the scenery. Do you get woozy even if you do that?

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