Didn't you know that Smokey only ate Auburn and Alabama football players???????? ?
Computer has been sick - best buy had it for about a month - but it's summer - don't get on as much as I usually do - do you?
i know two others that have had 'puter problems with ones bought at best buy. maybe best buy isn't such a good buy afterall?
Anyone else have a good bro-in-law like I do to work on mine when it starts giving me trouble?
Does anyone know why Tennessee's football program, in the last 10 years has a higher arrest rate than graduation rate? Wink Big Grin
"Anyone else have a good bro-in-law like I do to work on mine when it starts giving me trouble?"

i have a good ex b-i-l that will, but his new wife gets a bit *itchy about it.
Personally, i never run out of questions. Delinski once (jokingly,i think) said he was starting a file on me. He's answered a few of them, but one or two have been ignored.
Like... you hear of towns that were founded in so-and-so year, right? Well, there's still lots of open land in this country so why don't you hear of anyone founding towns anymore?
Originally posted by (aka)PuckerupFrog:
staying at home is good, don't you think?

Yep, thats what I am going to do. Will be grilling some hambergers sometime today. I love grilled hambergers, don't you?
Is that a serious question, unclegus, or are you a workaholic looking for justification to relax? Smiler The answer is of course...NO WAY, take the day off! Do you think anyone else is working?
Originally posted by (aka)PuckerupFrog:
i love grilled burgers, and hot dogs.
am i weird or does anyone else like theirs slightly burnt?

Oooo, me! Burnt is always best. I'll be enjoying Brats tonight. Bratwurst, that is...YUM! Does anyone else like these?
Yes, they are delicious. You have to cook them slowly...the man that's doing the grilling tonight is the master.

I fell in love with these when I had a layover in Vienna (yeah, I know, poor baby). We got the chance to explore the city & there was a mobile kitchen serving these, only they looked kind of like a really long corndog...thought I'd died & gone to heaven. So, the closest I can get to that flavor here is a brat.
Hey Joy, We make our own "homemade" bratwurst. The last time we processed a hog, my husband decided to try something new. They are soo good, especially on a grill. He got the casings for them off the internet. Have you ever tried to make your own?
LOL, PuF...Grilling really is convenient. Easy clean up & just about anything tastes good grilled.

allysmom...I would love to know how to do that. Do you or your husband still have the internet address?
Make take me awhile to come up with it, I will ask him if he still has it. Do you ever forget where you put things?
Not only do i forget where i put things, but when i find it i don't know it because by then i've forgotten what it was i had misplaced. That works pretty good, right?
Yep it does, Ever put something up for safe keeping and end up "hiding" it from yourself?
I hid a photograph two months ago and still can't find it.
And i think things like to play hide n' seek.
Last week my good hammer, ear buds and best nail file all had a good game going.
Maybe they get bored just lying around the house?
We will soon be packing up to move into a new house, you think I will then find some of those things that have disappeared over the years?
Moving into a new place is tiring and exciting. IMO, it's always fun to fix up a new place. Did you know in the packing process you'll probably find things you didn't even know you had?
That is what I figure, to find lots of things I did not know I had. We have lived in the same place for about 18 years, so there will be plenty to go through. Anybody else here ever build a new house and then tell themselves "never again"?
i've moved about 50 times in my life (no exageration) and each time was equal to about 4 trips to the gym.
did you know if you put sheets, toilet paper, soap and a change of clothes in one big box and keep up with it then you can relax a bit more about the other stuff the day of/after moving?
Thanks PUF, I will remember that. Did you know the good thing is that we are only going to have to move about 10 mins. away?

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