A basement is vunerable to having the floor joists from above crashing down on you.
Birth control is not needed, but wouldn't that increase the chance of the woman getting pregnant?
Would it not be Blinded by the light,
revved up like a deuce,
another runner in the night ?
Thanks PUF, we had a blast.... although the daughter said she never wanted to see another Indian as long as she lives,lol....As for rested, do you think we had much rest with about 15 girl scouts along on the trip???? Big Grin
Originally posted by vick13:
She looks a little sunburned to me, and exactly WHERE is that poison ivy rash?

Ok Vick, who told you about the poison ivy rash??
Originally posted by Peace Brother:
Can someone please tell me, Y's errybody awways pickin' on poor ole Peace Brother? (Don't all answer at once....)

Hey PB.. I wasn't pickin' on ya.. just after reading that I had to go look up the words to that song as I always wondered what they were saying...lol After finding out, I had to reply with that verse... I hope I didn't hurt your feelings too much, did I ? Big Grin
Peace Brother, you do know that we are not going to let anybody pick on you don't you?
sometimes i post two questions at once so that makes up for comments made that aren't questions. sneaky, eh?
Have I??? I don't remember that, I will have to ask my Dad.

No, he couldn't remember me doing it, but he said I liked to stick them under the 'eating table'. HOW GROSS IS THAT???


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