clothing is optional on my deck...I believe it makes for a more enjoyable time, don't you?
If the deck is covered, do you think sunscreen is really necessary?
I added a deck on the back of my cabin. Next, I put a roof on it so I could enjoy it more. Then I wrapped screen around it and added a ceiling fan to disapate the smoke from the grill.

Not knowing what to call it, I came up with a new name.

Back porch.

Think it will stick?
Does anyone else think today would be a wonderful day to lay up at home and enjoy this rain??
And what about your Deck? I see at the bottom of my can get your deck sealed, is that something you might be interested in?
Oh wow, now there's an idea, sealing a deck... I'll definitely have to figure that in when I get my new one.

Anyone know any good application methods? Tips and Tricks?
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Originally posted by MonicaParis:

Anyone know any good application methods? Tips and Tricks?

hmmm yeah can think of a few! *lips sealed* lol

any volunteers to tell her?
****, Are we going to be able to find all our clothes before the door opens?
Dang, you "young'uns" just haven't LEARNED yet just WHAT you have to do to not only MAKE the time, but make sure it is UNINTERRUPTED, right?????????
Hard for me to make time, would you believe I have no where to send mine??
yea, I tell her that all the time,and it goes in one ear and out the other...

Whats a woman to do?????

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