A murderer should have to serve a life sentence and not be paroled.  So many places though want to eliminate the death penalty for murder and then some are allowed to be let loose on bail feeling that they won't go back to their old life.  This horrific story is proof that the feeling that some crimes deserve a life sentence without the possibility of parole or being let free.

Someone had to die for some to realize that this person never should have been let free.  The sad thing is that the person that lost their life wasn't the one that let him go free, at least that's my opinion.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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This goes on all the time...and look at how they keep trying to get Leslie Van Houten and the other Manson family out of prison even though they were originally sentenced to death. They argue that she has had "productive time" in prison. Productive to who and so what? I have a feeling that if this wasn't all tied to Sharon Tate and the other "celebrities" they killed....they would have been released by now. Death should be death...or at the least never even being considered for parole.

One odd part to the Manson story is his so called motive for the killings...yet liberals want the killers released. Go figure!

In the late 1960s, Manson wanted to lead an apocalyptic race war that he'd trigger himself by inflaming racial tensions between blacks and whites. He dubbed it "Helter Skelter."
Manson's plan was to leave behind misleading clues in a series of murders, evidence that would indicate black assailants in the killings of whites.

Regarding Charles Manson and the murders of Sharon Tate, I have heard that the location of that murder was chosen because of past experience Charlie Manson has had at the house.  He was one time visiting one of the Beach Boys (Dennis Wilson) who lived at that very house at one time.  The article that I read said or speculated that Charlie Mansion chose that location because it was the house of Dennis Wilson and Charlie felt disrespected and betrayed by Dennis Wilson who originally met Manson, also a musician, through some of Manson's girls who were hitchhiking and Wilson picked them up.  They in turn introduced Wilson to Manson who freaked out the other Wilson Brothers and members of the Beach Boys who counseled Dennis to get far away from Manson, which he did.  

Charlie was incensed that Wilson would not have anything further to do with him and it's thought that Manson's anger, toward Wilson set up the visit to the house that was then occupied by Tate and her husband and friends.  As for the markings on the wall and the other murders you are correct about his hopes to start a race war.  He was one demented person beyond rehabilitation and California should have executed him long ago rather than house him and feed him all that time while the relatives of his victims had to further suffer knowing he continued to live while their relatives died.

I read the book "Helter Skelter" by the prosecutor Bugliosi...and of course I've seen all sorts of documentaries about the murders. There is so much wrong with the "non-punishment"...(that's all you can call the way they were pampered) these killers have gotten in prison that one hardly knows where to begin talking about it!!

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