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The real goal is the criminalization of conservatism

Try standing up at your local city council meeting and declaring, “There are only two genders,” and you’ll get a taste of the level of outright lunacy, violence and authoritarianism that has now infected the minds of the American people (including those who call themselves “conservatives” but have surrendered to the insanity of the Left in order to try to sue for peace).

The real goal of the authoritarian Left is to criminalize conservativism, Christianity and disobedience against every left-wing agenda, including their desire to pump your children full of chemical castration drugs in the name of “transgenderism” justice — just the latest mental illness to sweep through the ranks of deranged Leftists whose cognitive function now resembles that of zombies.

The attacks on Trump, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, John Solomon, Sean Hannity and other prominent independent analysts were never about the real rule of law… it has always been about criminalizing opposition and using the twisted “injustice” system to incarcerate anyone who stands in the way of the lawless left-wing mob and its criminal mafia mob bosses like Hillary Clinton.

Now, because of the collapse of the rule of law in America, here’s where we find ourselves:

  • There is now no point in surrendering to any federal agent in any circumstance, since there is zero possibility of experiencing a fair trial. Everything will be rigged against you: The evidence, the judge, the witnesses, the jury and the media. You will be gagged, denied your right to defend yourself and denied the right to say “you didn’t mean to” like Hillary Clinton got away with.
  • Federal law enforcement is hopelessly corrupt, with the FBI now running political smear operations and staging nearly all the domestic terrorism plots in America. The FBI, under people like Mueller and Comey, has not only been involved in covering up the truths about 9/11, Oklahoma City, the assassination of Dr. MLK, Jr., the Waco raids and the 1993 attempted bombing of the Twin Towers; it actually turns out the FBI ran those operations. (See
  • Federal judges have zero loyalty to the rule of law and absolute loyalty to the deep state. They have abandoned any last shred of even the pretense of following the Constitution and now exploit their positions of power to s**** up the power of the deep state while destroying all those who threaten it.
  • There is no expectation of safety for a law-abiding citizen, since any person can be targeted by the left-wing mob (a la Adam Schiff, the left-wing media, the tech giants, deep state agents, etc.) and then silenced, assassinated, indicted, audited or otherwise destroyed by any combination of establishment weapons against dissent.
  • Elections are now hopelessly rigged, with Democrats controlling nearly every election outcome through a combination of illegals voting (14 states give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens now), ballot harvesting and vote stuffing by using cyber warfare techniques to make sure all the people who previously left a particular state magically vote for Democrats. This is how Kentucky’s recent election was rigged.
  • Democrats are now openly calling for acts of violence and street warfare against not just conservative candidates but their financial supporters. Recently, a Democrat in Texas doxxed Trump donors, releasing their names and home addresses to the public in order to encourage left-wing Antifa brownshirts to harass and intimidate Trump donors.
  • There is no free speech in America, as the tech giants have now brazenly conspired to silence all pro-Trump voices in their highly illegal conspiracy to rig all future elections. Yet somehow, they seem to face zero push back from regulators, the FTC, the DOJ or Republican lawmakers (with a few exceptions such as MO Sen. Hawley, who is leading the charge against Big Tech’s illegal censorship).
  • Second Amendment rights are being rapidly dismantled by left-wing cities and states as they seek to completely disarm the citizenry so that no resistance can be mounted against the corruption, treason and tyranny of left-wing government run by extreme criminals known as “Democrats.”
  • The “mainstream media” has now devolved into nothing but a coordinated smear engine to de-legitimize and de-humanize the political opponents of the radical Left. NBC News, in particular, is engaged in such malicious smears that one of their hate pieces targeting my own publishing company resulted in hundreds of deranged, violent left-wing lunatics calling and threatening the employee of a hosting company that hosts some of our websites. The child of one employee was even threatened in public school by other students who were children of radical left-wing Antifa parents. As All News Pipeline reports, “With the MSM also releasing ‘hit pieces‘ upon outlets such as The Federalist and the Western Journal, we keep coming back to just how deeply the CIA had infiltrated the mainstream media going all the way back to the early 1950’s and ‘Operation Mockingbird‘, the large-scale propaganda program designed to manipulate the news media and, in so doing, manipulate the minds of every man, woman and child across America.”
  • Driven to psychological extremism by the hate-filled fake news media, Leftists are now openly celebrating the abandonment of due process and the politically targeted extermination of free speech, claiming that these basic civil rights of speech and law have no place in a “tolerant” society. Yes, that’s their actual argument. They claim free speech is “violence.”
  • As a result, Twitter has now collapsed into a cesspool of radical left-wing extremism and “groupthink,” where all voices of opposition are silenced, effectively creating a feedback loop of left-wing insanity that now drives Democrat candidates to positions so extreme and insane that even Barack Obama now claims the Left has gone way too far. (When Obama tells you that you’ve gone too far to the Left, you’re beyond all hope…)
  • Mass mental illness is now parading around as “progressivism,” even when the signs of mental illness are irrefutable, such as parents trying to physically chop off the reproductive organs of their baby boys in order to
  • convert them into transgenders.


Under the tyrannical rule of lawless, mentally ill Democrats, the government is now run like an organized crime syndicate. John W. Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute sums it all up perfectly in a recent column:

All of us are in danger.

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