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Sick! Fox News Host Juan Williams Defends Peter Fonda’s Threat To Kidnap Barron Trump And Lock Him In Cage With Pedophiles (Video)

Fox News host of “The Five,” Juan Williams, defended Peter Fonda after he threatened to kidnap Barron Trump and lock him in a cage with pedophiles.

 Juan Williams downplayed Peter Fonda’s criminal threat towards the President’s child and dismissed Gregg Gutfeld after he called Fonda’s tweet “disgusting” and said it was just “poorly worded,” which caused a huge backlash from his co-hosts.

“That’s not poorly worded,” shot back “The Five” co-host, Kimberly Guilfoyle who was appalled by Juan Williams. ‘What Peter Fonda did was call for a criminal sexual act against a child,’ Guilfoyle continued.

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