The vanishing nuclear industry

"It should be a source of profound concern for all who care about climate change that, for entirely predictable and resolvable reasons, the United States appears set to virtually lose nuclear power, and thus a wedge of reliable and low-carbon energy, over the next few decades."


Nuclear energy can and should be a significant part of the U.S. energy supply.

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I agree, the French produce much of their electricity via nuclear power in reliable reactors.  Recently, because of ***ashima, there is hysteria against nuclear power.  The rules are rather simple concerning locating nuclear reactors -- build them in places where earth quakes aren't common, nor tsunamis.  Japanese ignored their own history when they constructed their reactors.  There were stone steles round the area stating "Don't build anything permanent below this point." Those steles were placed there to warn of tsunamis.  Then, the error was increased by placing the emergency generators on the ground floor (flooded), instead of higher floor. 

I just keep on hoping for fusion power in the near future so our progeny will have a power source for creating a prosperous world and a world where science fiction becomes science fact. I think my garden plants should have enough gaseous plant food by now and I suspect that the world will still need petroleum for plastics and other chemicals instead of for fuel.

Nuclear Fusion Power Could Be Here by 2030, One Company Says

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