The Wrong job at the wrong time.

Word comes now that North Korea has sacked soldiers that were on duty at the time that the one defector made it across to the South.  I think "sacked" is a kind way of saying a much more horrendous word or action.    It wouldn't surprise me if all of the soldiers and their families are not put into one of the North's gulags and into hard working conditions for the rest of their short miserable lives.  One make's it across alive (defecting) and their dictatorship applies harsh penalties to all those who they believe could have or should have stopped him.  This is the existence that those in the North live with and it's a horrible environment for anyone to live in.  

Sad thing is that our colleges and institutions of Higher Learning are filled with professors and kids that believe that this communistic form of government is the best and so much better than we have in America.  If only they had a week to a month of life in North Korea  then they might think twice about capitalism and living in America.  As it is they just go on believing there is some communistic utopia out there where everyone lives in a worker's paradise.    

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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The defector, riddled with parasites, also has hepatitis B and tuberculosis.  Reportedly, he was one of the guards at the border.  Those border guards are supposed to be elite troops.  If, that's the shape their elite troops are in, what of the rest of the place!

I still think six or seven countries should split up with some
starting at the China border and others start at the SoKo
border taking over NoKo and let it be just Korea, a large
peninsula free roaming penal farm for all American inmates.

China's big fear is a unified Korea with the leadership being friendly and aligned with America.  What China doesn't want is another Taiwan but would rather Korea become more like Hong Kong allied with China.  I believe the thing is that both Russia and China fear a  unified Korea because they believe that a unified Korea would be allied with the US rather than being independent or allied with China, Russia and the US.  

I also believe that China's big thorn in their side remains Taiwan and they would like nothing better than bringing Taiwan into their fold and control and I fully believe that if anything is to be done with North Korea, with China's cooperation, then it might come at Taiwan's expense.

It's a crazy world in that old adversaries over time become allies and friends and friends at times become adversaries.  Case in point Vietnam which was highly aligned with Russia and China during the 60's when Vietnam was divided with the South aligned with the US and the North aligned with Russia but mostly China and today what with the way China is expanding into the sea Vietnam is at odds with China over their fishing territories and waters.  Also Vietnam is seeking to align and establish trade with the United States and establish a warm relationship.  Whereas Vietnam unified with a favorable relationship with China and Russia I think that China and Russia fear a unified Korea with close US ties thus the North is, for them, a necessary evil only one they cannot control so easily.

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