Sometimes I agree with Rachel, sometimes I don't.  This deserves consideration, however.


With the likes of Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann being seriously considered as President of these United States, we must be on our guard not to let them succeed.


I'm a registered Republican, and I will not vote for a theocrat.  That means almost all of the current Republican candidates.



Make time for great justice.  Expect us.

Original Post

Hi Deep,


Your Chicken Little "sky is falling" atheism is showing again!  To imply that candidates with Christian faith who are running for president will push for a Theocracy -- is about as inane as saying that because we have paramedics, we want more accidents -- or, because we want more police officers on the street, this means that we want more murders -- or, that building more and better hospitals, means that we want more people to get sick and die.


My Friend, as usual, you are spitting into the wind -- and the results show -- big time.


Deep, there is ONLY ONE Theocracy we Christians want to see happen.  And, it WILL happen.


After the Rapture comes the seven year Tribulation.  At the end of the Tribulation, Jesus Christ will return to earth, His Second Coming, coming in glory, honor, and power, the Lion of Judah.  At that time, He will establish His Millennial Reign upon earth, from the throne of David in Jerusalem.  And, He WILL rule the earth for 1000 years -- THE PERFECT THEOCRACY -- and the only one that Christian believers want to see.


Of course, atheists will not be happy to see that Theocracy come -- for it spells doom and gloom for all non-believers.  But, hey, you all have had all your mortal life to believe -- and, if you are that thick headed -- then, that is the choice YOU have made.


THEOCRACY?  Yes!   But, not the one that Chicken Little is yelling about.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



And of course bill and ohno will claim once again I am twisting words, but statements like the one posted by bill on the thread "See You At The Pole", go a long way towards making people go hmmmmmmm.



That is why it is not only desirable, but, actually imperative that our Christian, spiritual, light shine at all times, in all our activities -- especially for those governing our local communities, states, and nation.   A big dose of Christian influence in our governing bodies can only make America stronger.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



Actually Jennifer, I have no problem with THAT post at all. Bill HAS often posted things that show he DOES mix religion and politics. As a matter of fact, it's one of the things he and I have disagreed on as far back as I remember on this forum. You didn't twist anything, and you quoted one of his posts to prove your point.


AND you did it without accusing him of wanting to kill atheists, without telling him he's a waste of human flesh, or any other hatefull asides. You stuck to the topic without bringing in any personal insults or outrageous accusations.



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