Socialist on the Rise

Cortez is more Marxist .. That's Communism folks!

New Democrats are on the rise and old ones are peddling the same ole patented party lines to taint voters against Republicans.  It doesn't matter whom the candidate is, for the Republicans the battle cries against them are all the same and regurgitated from several past elections.  They still use them because unfortunately with so many they still work and are believable.  Just like with the second link above, though, so many people do not understand what they believe or why and don't know why they vote like they do they just do.  

Thing is with illegals if they get the right to vote, in their numbers they could swing elections for a long time and all American has to do is look at many states and cities under Democratic control to see how well liberal socialistic ideas work.  The American worker and the middle-class worker is considered as a hateful, hate-filled person anymore who is the enemy of "the people" (the Poor people who are illegals and broke the laws of the nation getting here).  Trump was belied over his statements about gangs and criminal people coming in, through the porous border, but facts are that he is correct and many are taking advantage of a lapse in our border security and immigration policies.  

The New Democrats are using the same old Democratic lines about how Republicans are biased, prejudices, racist, and evil to the point they throw granny off the cliff put blacks in chains and will push down the workers in favor of the huge corporations.    They are the best at fear mongering and perfect hypocrites in that they essentially do and continue to do what they always are accusing their Republican opponents of doing.  If our hope is in the individual voter(s) that they wise up and make informed decisions then if legalization, amnesty and the right to vote is given to illegals then it will be a sad day for democracy and a free America.   

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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I think that it might be a case where those on the left who care about "income inequality" are seeing that the corporatist ways of the old guard Dems are creating a wider income divide in society. New age liberals now see semi-socialism as unworkable, so they embrace the concept of pure socialism. Since I'm a Classical Liberal, I'm for Adam Smith's capitalism.

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