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There is no date on the main index page. IMHO java scripting to any extent on a web page is a cop-out with regards to web design. There are certainly better ways of implementing user interface functions that are not so clunky/dated. Oh well, nevertheless, I still think this redesign is a step in the right least they are using less tables in the code.
100% better than the old format. However, they need an EDIT function where a poster can edit something that they themselves posted earlier.

You folks that do not like this new format probably 1. have never seen the old, unfriendly format or 2. have never been to other forums. This looks alot like an ezboard forum. Two examples are listed below to compare to this one:
I would say a lot of us used the old system. I frequent plenty of other forums, specifically the Mississippi State sports forum (Gene's Page, uses ezboard) and various PHPBB boards. I will agree with you that this is much, much better than the old system, but even you must admit that it's got a ways to go. Most of my criticisms of this forum come from my background in web usability and accessibiity.

Also, I think this thread got hijacked and turned into a criticism of the whole Times Daily site, not just the forum.
Originally posted by BradshawBruin02:
"I frequent plenty of other forums... and various PHPBB boards ...this is much, much better than the old system, but... it's got a ways to go... my criticisms of this forum come from my background in web usability and accessibiity."

I agree wholeheartedly.

This is a sight better, but why phpBB wasn't used, I don't know.

This is - IMO - a poor imitation of phpBB. phpBB certainly has more power than this forum.

And, it's FREE!
Originally posted by dwmman:
Not sure if its unnavigatible or not Im still looking for the DATE!!!! When I pick up a paper to read it I like to know aleast its this weeks,preferably todays Can someone tell me where to find the DaTe!!!!!

Might want to look at the Calendar link in the upper right hand corner, it might be able to tell you today is November 20,2006.

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