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If the U.S. learned anything from Tuesday's primary in Wisconsin, it's that in-person voting doesn't work in a pandemic.

Yet even though COVID-19 and its mandatory stay-at-home orders will likely last for a while, many Republicans lawmakers have deemed efforts to expand voting by mail a partisan ploy designed to help elect Democrats. There are a few problems with that theory though, beginning with the fact that voting by mail is already incredibly common, even in solidly red states.

Democrats have held out on approving the next phase of coronavirus relief because, among other things, they want increased funding for expanding and securing vote-by-mail for the general election in November. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) claimed Democrats were doing this because they thought it "gives you some political benefit. That's disgusting to me." President Trump has baselessly called voting by mail "very dangerous" and "corrupt," and said it would mean "you'd never have a Republican elected in this country again," even though he votes by mail himself.

Tell that to Utah, which is among five states where mail ballots are automatically sent to every registered voter. Its governor, senators, and three of its four representatives are Republicans. Voters can request a mail ballot in every other state in the nation — albeit in some places they must provide an excuse — and most of them have had no problem electing Republicans. As recently as Thursday, New Hampshire's Republican Gov. Chris Sununu declared everyone in the state could vote absentee this fall if the coronavirus is still a major factor, even though he's objected to widespread vote-by-mail before.

Support Democracy. Racism/bigotry is a mental disease.

Original Post
I know the New York Times has been writing the script for the whining
snot nose cult but they have been more ignorant lately. To realize how
stupid the Alinsky roadies are they lie about voter fraud that happens
every election, they brag about it especially Calif. 
W. Bush couldn't conduct a panty raid in his own back yard, there's more
proof of it than sunlight.
Now, if anyone isn't aware of how much the liberal Dems, MSM,
Deep state congress or just say more than half of the country
hates Trump and Conservatives you're an out right lying dog like 
the do nothing rino Bush boys.

Bush 2 conducted an investigation into voter fraud.. found nothing.

Trump has screamed about voter fraud and show zero proof.

Republicans are still whining about voter fraud and can't produce one shred of evidence to support their claims....

Trying to stop Americans from voting... that's the GOP.

You can't be a patriot and hate half of America.

If you can't find many instances of voter fraud by democrats, you're not looking.  More was reported just today.  Plus there is a HUGE difference between legitimate absentee voting and just mailing out ballots to anyone and everyone to promote FRAUD as the dems want to do.

@daddy joe posted:

Not going to do your homework. You can remain an uninformed loser.

Typical Republican... make a ridiculous claim with zero proof... and then tell me I'm a loser when you can't prove your argument. That's the Republican way.

The party trying to stop Americans from voting isn't the party of patriots.

Trump said. “They had things — levels of voting that, if you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

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