They KNEW and didn't care one bit!

Another accuser confesses up

She has nothing to gain?

During the Kavanaugh confirmation process Democrats, all of them, on the committee as they interviewed Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser, made sure to brag on her and state how she had absolutely nothing to gain and how each of them found her credible and believed her and were more than willing and ready to destroy Judge Kavanaugh's life and career.  Every time there was another accuser the Democrats made a point to state the confirmation had to be delayed so that each accuser could be examined and investigated.  They said Mrs. Ford had nothing to gain yet she now stands to gain a book deal and her go fund me account is going to net her potentially over 900,000 at latest count.  The other accusers have now confessed that they were making up their allegations for various reasons.  The one thing for sure is the Democrats knew all this was an attempt to ruin a man that was innocent of the charges yet they were willing to destroy him, his family, and his job.

They all should lose their seats in Congress and don't deserve the job they have for each knew what they were doing and were fully willing to destroy Judge Kavanaugh because of their hatred for Trump and their own political motivations.  It's sickening and continues to be.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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