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In May Facebook announced that it had banned several high-profile conservative personalities from their platform, including an incoming ban on the Facebook-owned Instagram.
They labeled conservatives “dangerous.”
Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, and all accounts related to Alex Jones or Infowars (including Paul Joseph Watson) were the main targets of Facebook’s latest purge and were labeled ‘dangerous’ by the social media giant.

 To draw away from criticism about only banning pro-Trump figures, Facebook also claimed to be taking action against Louis Farrakhan, the Hitler-loving Nation of Islam leader.
The company alleges that all individuals or accounts engaged in the following behaviors, according to a statement given to pro-censorship CNN reporter Oliver Darcy.
At the same time Facebook has been eliminating billions of page views to conservative publishers.
Laura Loomer took action and filed a lawsuit against far left Facebook.
Earlier this week Laura Loomer got Facebook to admit to being a publisher.
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It's been clear for a few years now that free speech only applies to the left. I remember that criticism of Bill Clinton was strongly frowned on, but Bush and his family were fair game. Then when Obama was in office it reverted to any criticism of him being met with a firestorm and claims of racism. As you can see with President Trump, the left has become more and more unstable and out of control and are without a doubt the dangerous ones.

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Why Conservatives Allege Big Tech Is Muzzling Them

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