Seems that what we really need is not more candidates but rather more Political Parties.
The current climate, if you believe the polls, is a white front runner and a nonwhite, any non white will do, running mate.
Hillary and Obama?
Hillary and Jesse J.?
Hillary and Al Sharpton?
Hillary and Elizabeth McKinney?
Hillary and Magic Johnson? the options are exciting and almost endless please offer yours.
Rudy and Colin Powell? (well, well)
Just an old codger irritating other old codgers.
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and now for the Partys.....
One of my favorites is the "I voted for this debacle but have completely forgotten that and wish you would too, so that I don't look like some cowardly, hypocritical jerk here Party"
Two many political parties, and you end up with an unstabile government, like the french or italians. In 200 years french have been thru monarchies, empire, syndicalism, communard, and five republics, with two civil wars. And they still are having major problems. The runner up to Chirac was a real fascist -- Le Pen.

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