This is how to stop a school shooting!

direstraits posted:

The big state asylums were closed or had their number of inmates reduced significantly during the JFK/LBJ era.  I remember the ACLU being the main advocate. That's when the number of liberals running around seem to increase, as well. 

The dems needed the votes.

I wonder if the Florida school shooter may have been slightly autistic and was taking SSRI medication which can have the side effect of homicidal rage. 

SSRI - Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors commonly prescribed as an antidepressent.

An imbalance of serotonin in the brain is thought to contribute to depression, anxiety, poor mood, sexual dysfunction, OCD and stress.

Today we see all the advertisements on TV related to the pharmaceutical products. Most ads we see have a list of possible "Side Effects" to the User of the drugs. Makes one think, Just how many people are taking prescribed drugs that contribute to homicidal or suicidal events. That would be an interesting number to Know and identify those Who are at Risk of doing evil deeds to self/others from drug side effects. Just a thought....What was all the Rage about in the first place. Mental illness? What constitutes mental illness? Questions, Questions, Questions... I doubt Shrinks can even agree on the mental illness question. 

I don't know the medicines that he was on but I do believe he was on some kind of medicine that is common for autistic children but I believe he was taken off it or stopped it sometime after his mother's death.  Another interesting thing, regarding this person, was that when he turned 21 he was set to receive and inherit something around $800,000.00.   That's quite an inheritance from his mom and dad that had passed.  I'd say when they open this kid's head up and look down inside they are going to find a "bag of cats" running around.  That, for those unfamiliar with the saying, means similar to "the elevator misses a few floors, doesn't run to the top floor, or "is a few fries short of a happy meal".  Who knows though as he did fool an awful lot of people or was 

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