This is what I HOPE is the real story behind the Trump witch hunt.
Let me preface this by saying I am NOT a Trumptard. I worship no man, all are fallible and most who have gotten to the position of President have made questionable if not evil deals with the devil.

That being said, I do think Trump does have the good of the country at heart.

So this is, in a nutshell, is what I think is the short story of this whole collusion nonsense. This comes from both my own and other’s ideas summarized into one theory.

Upon Trumps election, Hilary and crew and large number of democrat party realized they may be in extreme jeopardy of being exposed for their horrible criminal acts. They immediately concocted the Russian collusion story based on THEIR most recent collusion with Russia and other players hoping they would have lots of collaborators looking to cover their own asses by perpetuating the story.

Also, it would make Trumps accusations less believable and even childish if /when he turned the same accusation on them. I.e you did it! No you did it! No you did it! Etc etc.

This was never about finding actual Trump/Russia connections, it was to circumstantially discredit him enough to get enough support for impeachment before any real info on the democrat/republican Crime cabals own activities could be brought to light.

Well as we see it failed. Trump knew it would fail but he had to let it take place because if no independent conclusion was made he had no ground to stand on. No one on the Democrat side would have believed any accusations coming from Trumps side if one of their own hadn’t exonerated him.

While I really don’t think he was, if Mueller was actually on Trumps side from the beginning it would not have been so brilliant as they could never let that be known as that would be collusion and Actually there will always be that nagging question of whether the investigation was legit. I think Mueller was put in there to actually get rid of evidence of the cabals crimes. They most likely had something on him so this was a personal CYA operation for him also.

So now where? HOPEFULLY, if karma is real and evil doers eventually pay for their crimes, now that the Dems have been served a big ****burger and impeachment is a lost cause (remember pelosi backing off a few weeks ago?) the real investigations will begin. You are going to see rats scrambling for cover, backstabbing and evidence turners for immunity like we have never seen in the history of mankind.

I stopped believing Q reports pretty much near the beginning, I thought they were an actual Democrat psy op to keep us from rebelling. At this point we will either find out if they were true or if they become a self fulfilling prophecy serendipitously turned onto its authors.

I hope my analysis is close to true and we start to see the real criminals finally getting their due, but I am still not holding my breath because this whole thing could be vastly more convoluted than any of us still realize.

America is Still Free to a Fault

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