The Auburn Tigers washed out the Crimson Tide 22-15!

Interestingly, though the Tigers have chased out the Tide 5ive times in a row, they have added insult to injury, because Tuscaloosa's pachyderms have NEVER won an Iron Bowl on their own turf!

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nikon4me = typical bammer fan who still believes Bahr Bryant is still alive and going for his 100th MNC....or believes that "moral victories" count as true wins in the win column...

No wonder bammer didn't want to play Auburn at anyplace but (the currently condemned) Legion Field.....they have only won twice at Jordan Hare Stadium, however, not once in Tuskerlooserville....

Maybe if they get a real coach instead of looking for Mini-Bahr, and treat him like a real coach, they will have some success.....
Me, idiot? Me, not taking a ribbing?????

Hmm....me thinks the idiots are the ones that hired Shula, and the ones sulking after bammer's loss....see tideinsider.com or the bammer forum on al.com They love to ban people there...guess they can't take it.

BTW, Tuskerlooserville is how I spell it, for a LONG u sound.....like ooooooo.....
Maybe in anothe 8 years or so Auburn can claim more victories than losses against Alabama....so the Tide is a little down...History always repeats itself (More SEC and National Titles than any other school)! And speaking of coaches...That Tuberville is a real classy guy! (NOT)
I hope you are not suggesting Auburn fans are not guilty of the same ridiculous behavior. There are insane fans across the board, not just BAMA. I've been on the receiving end of Auburn nuts. One guy dumped his drink all over me and proceeded to cuss me out for wearing crimson. I'd be surprised if he was sober enough to know the score. I was a lot younger and a lot meaner at the time, so it must have been an act of God's mercy that I found the situation funny rather than an opportunity for a swift kick where the sun don't shine.
The only thing worse than an Auburn fan is a **** Tennessee fan...I dont condone any of that behavior, Auburn fans are poor losers but they are even worse win they win...all they want to talk about is the thumb...well they finally got there 5 in a row...but they still dont want to remember when Alabama ripped there ass for 9 in a row...not once but twice!!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL
Originally posted by corndog:Alabama ripped there ass for 9 in a row...not once but twice!!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL


Alabama has only won the Iron Bowl once for nine consecutive times.

From 1973-1981.
'73 - 35-0
'74 - 17-13
'75 - 28-0
'76 - 38-7
'77 - 48-21
'78 - 34-16
'79 - 25-18
'80 - 34-18
'81 - 28-17

The other seasons to which you refer are probably the '59 - '68 seasons.

However, during that span, Auburn won 10-8 in '63, thus breaking up the consecutive wins.

Putting things in perspective, AL has won 38 of 69 Iron Bowls for an overall winning percentage of 55.0724%.

The last winning streak before AU was the three consecutive games AL won from '90-'92.

In fact, of the last 10 Iron Bowls (last decade), AU has won 7.

Since 1986, AU has won 13, for an overall win rate of exactly 50%.

Overall, as is clearly evident, when it comes to the Iron Bowl - one of the most fiercely fought collegiate rivalries - all bets are off!

Both teams have, over the years, proven themselves to be at least equally matched when they battle it out on the gridiron.

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