I believe it could be regulated and restricted to images and autographs
only, how much does the NCAA not see as it is, Johnny Football got away
with it somewhat. Endorsements would be the wrong department for
this anyway with the student needing to qualify financially.
But you're right, be hard to keep everything legit, I'd like to see some
kind of small income helpful for the premature millionaires, OK that's 
not funny but people break the law when they feel it's necessary when
it doesn't need to be. 
Overtime it will be clear to people at times the poll isn't clear or can't
be answer for the lack of choices, unfinished or worded to gain the
the majority they wanted in the first place by manipulating the question.

 I haven't answered a good many because Yes or No just doesn't cut it.

Online Poll ..... 2/15/20
Which among these do you order most often online?

14 Fashion items:
16 Tech products:
5 Books:
2 Music:
3 Educational courses:
3 Trips:
8 Second-hand items:

My stuff isn't on the list but my wife is a QVC freak and can check
everyone except Educational courses, Trips and second hand items.

She'll have a few drop off's a week. 

Online Poll
Which of these 2 ailments are you most worried about?
You voted: Coronavirus:
37 Flu:
15 Coronavirus:

I voted Ms. Corona for how fast it can spread, Mr. Flu is killing more 
people at the moment but I see a quick catch up.. 
Seems like Flu season x10.??   That ain't your mama's ketchup.!!

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