Did the U.S. get 'lucky'.....or was it a 'staged event'?


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[QUOTE]Originally posted by dogsoldier0513:
Did the U.S. get 'lucky'.....or was it a 'staged event'?

New York and the US got lucky...I have been wondering why they haven't tried before. They do it in lots of other countries and cities. It is so easy for them to drive into any crowded area in the US and blow themselves and hundreds of others up.

Just wondering though...If they really wanted to make a statement, they would have just had a suicide bomber and it would have done damage.

But how clever would that be....

Yeah, lets take people's minds off one potential disaster with another potential disaster.
I was watching MSNBC for some reason last night (or early morning) and yeah, the first report that I heard was a mounted police officer smelled the smoke. Then I heard that a vendor saw smoke and heard pops then called and the mounted police officer was close so he was there instantly...

But in all live news stories, they always report whatever they hear and they don't verify the facts before reporting.
Originally posted by tcf531:
my first thought was tea partiers

Just HOW would such a moronic stunt possibly benefit the Tea Party?

But such a moronic stunt COULD benefit the federal government....in several ways:

* Draw attention away from a government scandal. Slick Willie was a 'master' of such.
* Use as a precursor for more retrictive legislation of OUR rights.


* Among the various items listed found inside the suspect SUV, WHAT specific item(s) was missing?
* A terrorist group in Pakistan is 'claiming credit' for this NONE EVENT. Question: WHY would a terrorist group claim credit for a bomb that DIDN'T WORK? Doing so would direct government resources towards ANY possible members of such a group currently inside the US and under scrutiny possibly nullifying any such REAL plans.

There's simply too much about this incident that DOESN'T scream 'terrorist plot'.

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