Considering the post which is the "Top Ten," I thought it might be somewhat apropos to consider what "might have been" or perhaps, what "should have been" if the TD had given more attention.

So, without further ado, what are the Last Ten stories of 2006 that the TimesDaily either covered, poorly covered, should or shouldn't have covered, or completely ignored?

• Bobby Irons vision for the city of Florence
• Sam Pendleton's obstinance for the sake of obstinance
• Forensic Accounting investigation & results of Florence Gas Department
• Conflict of interests allegations with City Council members and area businesses (Neese comes to mind)
• Total alcohol tax revenue & how its used
• How much tax$ Florence gave away to 'big-box' retailers
• City of Sheffield files for bankruptcy
• Tuscumbia annexes Sheffield
• Muscle Shoals outlaws Tuscumbia
• Area hospitals' infection rate

Here we go!
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What I can't understand is why show all the bad stuff that happened in the area. I, for once, would love to see some of the positive things to remember in the Last ten of 2006. If this has never been done before, can this be a first time? Let's leave this year and welcome the new one in on a positive note. I do agree with remembering the soldiers that lost their lives defending us, but those that were arrested for porn of any kind. I believe those need not be mentioned. I believe it's embarressing enough to have lived through that once. I'm not defending them in anyway, I just don't want to see them displayed as something that we need to be reminded of.

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