Could someone please review the ads running to the right of the forum? I am getting very tired of seeing half naked women posing in disgusting ways looking for 'boyfriends'. Either call them hookers or do away with the ads.

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Same here, as those are either run by the Times Daily or by paid advertisers.

Crumb is clearly seeing targeted ads though, for whatever reason. Some people have to view the forum via a site serving as a proxy server, and that could be the source. Most of those are powered by Google ads and the like.

Originally Posted by Kate Colombo:

Are you using a proxy server or some kind of Torrent? They contain ad overlays. This once happened to me when I borrowed a friend's laptop. Boy, were the ads different.

Ed used to look at some crazy stuff, bless his heart.

I only see the TN Valley job finder and TnValleyStuff ad. 


Ya might try d/ling a cool lil' thingy called 'AdBlock.'

It gets rid of the ads on FB and in videos and prolly here, too.


Sounds like ya mighta sucked down some adware/spyware that perused yer 'history' folder.


Goodly idea to set it to automatically delete every so often just for that reason.


 Happy huntin'.

Originally Posted by Bestworking:
Originally Posted by dude.:

The ads are selected for you based on your previous online search activity. Welcome to the internet.


How so? My ads are for cars and the classifieds. I haven't searched online for either.

You're the joke Best (Snow White Trash).... and a sick one at that.

Yo, Crumb...


Sounds like adware to me.


You don't even have to intentionally search for the stuff that's showing up-it just does.


I've found that using antivirus software (bloatware) such as Norton and McAfee don't always catch the adware-especially if its been coded into a legitimate site that you visit. (as you inadvertantly allowed it onto your comp by loading the site's page and accepting it's cookies.)


It's called a 'drive-by' infection.


Some months back, I dumped Norton Security Suite as it was a large, lumbering POS that was offered free by my ISP that slowed my machine considerably and interfered with my keyboard due to keystroke monitoring issues in the name of 'identity protection.'


Norton and McAfee's progs hog too many resources. I downloaded and installed Microsoft Security Essentials.  It's a much leaner, meaner antivirus/antimalware proggy that catches stuff    

like the type of adware that causes those odd ads to show up. If it doesn't bar the door to them-it goes after 'em once you run a quick scan. Finds and rids you of them every time.


I suggest trying that. Leave your A/V prog installed-MSE will disable it and you can always turn it back on afterwards if you're not satisfied. It's free and ya got nothin' to lose.


'Malwarebytes' is also pretty good at catching adware of all kinds-but MSE gets stuff that MWB misses.


Failing that, ya could always learn Tagalog.

Originally Posted by Road Puppy:

Yo, Crumb...


Sounds like adware to me...........................

Thanks. I dumped Norton years ago after finding out it actually works it way into the bios. I have AVG free for virus protection and have used Spyware Blaster as well. I have installed Adblock Plus and it seems the 'ladies' have left the scene. When things get really a mess, I go to Trendmicro and do a scan from their site. It's free, and will remove any infections found, also for free. I did have guests at the house recently so maybe that's where it came from. Anyway, good for now.


My apologies to the TVT admins. I should have checked my computer first before assuming it was the web site.

Originally Posted by dude.:

The ads are selected for you based on your previous online search activity. Welcome to the internet.


You are correct, dude.  I googled around for a very exotic building material recently and in no time it showed up as an ad on the right margin!

Originally Posted by Crumbpicker:

Not using a proxy server or Bit Torrent. I also have not Googled 'these hot Asian women are looking for boyfriends'.

Maybe a glitch?


I used to have Ad Block but bought a new computer and have not put it on it yet.


I guess now would be the time.


Those "hot Asian women" are so captivated by you that they have determinedly hacked their way into your computer!

Originally Posted by Crumbpicker:
Thanks. I dumped Norton years ago after finding out it actually works it way into the bios.

I feel that I should clarify something here... Norton did not in the past nor does it now involve insert itself into the BIOS. You see, Norton is a Windows product and is loaded long after the BIOS loads. The BIOS initializes things on your computer (consider it starting the car) long before Windows loads. As well, most BIOS's are very small - 4 Megabytes in size, give or take. Since Norton is a huge beast of a product as far as hard drive size goes, it's not possible to fit it into a 4 MB BIOS. Likewise, it's almost impossible to believe that it is loaded by BIOS but the rest of it is called from the hard drive long before the hard drive is able to be used, then starts calling all kinds of DLL files and supporting stuff which are Windows binaries when Windows isn't running. It's theoretically possible but only in theory - nobody is going to spend the kind of time it would take to figure out how to do so for so little benefit when you can simply scan resident memory, hard drives, and then check for BIOS corruption against a cloned mirror copy of the BIOS you had when you installed Norton if you just let Windows boot up. I don't hold it against you for having this misconception as it was pretty popular a few years ago to believe this, and frankly we can't all understand computers intimately. I just wanted to inform you of the reality of things. Still, I applaud you for ditching Norton as it is now a pay per year model and is a massive beast that eats system capacity alive for breakfast.

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