Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren didn't take kindly to California Gov. Gavin Newsom's suggestion that first responders will suffer if his state does not receive a federal government bailout, even as the Golden State gives unprecedented taxpayer-funded relief to illegal immigrants.

"The state of California is a house of cards and this pandemic and the subsequent government prolonged shut down that came with it was just a gust of wind that toppled it," said Lahren on her Fox Nation show "Final Thoughts."


On May 14, Newsom announced that California may apparently be forced to cut state worker pay, amid severe shortfalls in the state budget exacerbated by the lockdown.


Newsom called on President Donald Trump to take action.


"The president of the United States with a stroke of a pen can provide support for Speaker Pelosi's new 'Heroes Act' and these cuts would be eliminated," he said in televised remarks.


All the while, Lahren observed, California is still going ahead with a $75 million assistance program for illegal immigrants, who do not qualify to receive federal coronavirus relief.

On May 17, Newsom doubled-down, suggesting that opponents of a bailout for the states are hypocrites.

"When states large and small [are] facing unprecedented budgetary stress, it is incumbent upon the federal government to support the states through this difficult time," Newsom said on CNN. "I hope they’ll consider this next time they want to salute and celebrate our first responders. … Consider the fact that they will be the first ones laid off by cities and counties."

"Governor Newsom has threatened to slash funding for state workers, including first responders, yet is still committed to using taxpayer dollars to fund illegals?" said Lahren.

"Now it's the federal taxpayers' ethical obligation to save the state he and his Democratic friends have run into the ground? Really, Gavin?" she asked hypothetically.

"I'm pretty dang sure Newsom would never actually cut worker pay and [anger] union bosses. No way," she continued. "That's who funds his political career, hence why we have trillions in unfunded liabilities in the state of California."

"No," she concluded, "this is all an emotional ploy to pit President Trump and Republicans as the bad guys, the heartless ones who don't care about workers.

"When ... it is abundantly clear Newsom and other governors just like him are using coronavirus and public health to cover for decades of mismanagement."

CornPop was a “bad dude” who “ran a bunch of bad boys”-Joe Biden


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Seattle City Council calls for $100 million 'relief fund' for illegal immigrants



The Seattle City Council is calling on Washington state to create a $100 million “relief fund” for illegal immigrants who did not qualify for the federal stimulus checks issued last month -- the latest push by left-wing politicians to give money to those in the country illegally.

While it is an unbinding resolution, and therefore only calls for such a fund rather than actually creating one, it is the latest push by Democrats across the country to include illegal immigrants in on taxpayer-funded stimulus checks.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., the House passed a Democrat-driven bill last week that would include illegal immigrants in the next round of stimulus checks to most Americans. It would do this by allowing those who are ineligible for Social Security numbers, and who file taxes instead by using an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), to receive the checks.

Each eligible person would receive $1,200 stimulus checks, up to $6,000 per household, according to the newly released legislation.

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