Toyota Plant Comes To Limestone County

"Japanese automakers Toyota and Mazda have chosen the state of Alabama for a $1.6 billion joint-venture auto plant that is to begin operating by 2021 and eventually employ about 4,000 people, a person briefed on the decision said.

The manufacturing plant is to be built in the Huntsville area in Limestone County, said the person, who asked to remain anonymous because the site hasn't been officially announced. Officials in the Southern state said Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is to make a major economic development announcement on Wednesday, but they declined to elaborate."

When, I was a child, Alabama's largest exports were agricultural -- cotton, corn, soy beans, canola oil and such.  Now, it's automobiles -- pays better.  

I would like to thank the UAW, city fathers of Detroit, Michigan state government, Democrat party and the board of directors for GM and Ford.  Your brain dead leadership, complemented with the extreme left wing ideas of the politicians drove the best industries in the world into the ground.  Alabama was proud to take up the slack(ers). 


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direstraits posted:

Once more, thank you Democrats and UAW, for sending automobile industry south -- to Alabama , in particular.  Without your stupidity and political failures, it wouldn't have been possible. 

Dems and the UAW also played a major role in exporting jobs to more business friendly countries as well. Well, a funny thing has happened lately, Chinese companies are coming here now; they are buying US owned parts suppliers:

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