Trump adviser Roger Stone reveals new meeting with Russian

Over a year later and Mueller is still finding new meetings between the Trump campaign and Russia. According to Republicans, there's nothing to see here, move along.



WASHINGTON (AP) - Special counsel Robert Mueller is examining a previously undisclosed meeting between longtime Trump confidante Roger Stone and a Russian figure who allegedly tried to sell him dirt on Hillary Clinton.


Letters to the House Intelligence Committee outline the contact.

The letters say Stone met with a man in May 2016 who wanted $2 million in exchange for information about Clinton's campaign. Stone rejected the offer.

The meeting was arranged by Michael Ca****, who worked for Trump's campaign at the time.

Stone and Ca**** now say they believe the man was an FBI informant trying to set them up. The man has denied that to The Washington Post.

Their lawyers say they didn't remember the episode when the committee interviewed them.

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