Trump ahead of clinton in polls

For those who trust polls.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump jumped ahead of Democrat counterpart Hillary Clinton in a new poll, breaking out a four-point lead after trailing for weeks in a theoretical matchup for the November election.

Mr. Trump topped Mrs. Clinton 43 percent to 39 percent in the The Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey released Thursday.

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jtdavis posted:

Keep believing that poll.

Sadly no amount of harping will change the minds of the low I.Q. voters who will vote for Hilliary no matter what.   

The same applies to the no I.Q. voters who   will vote for Trump no matter what.

So you don't believe the Rasmussan poll? I'll remind you of that the next time the left uses it to claim Hillary is up in the polls. If and when that happens. Hopefully it won't, and she will only fall lower and lower until she and her girlfriend drop off the face of the earth.

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