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It amazes me how many Republican conservatives there are, like George Will, who are fully content with Hillary Clinton being the next President knowing full well that the Supreme Court will be lost as a liberal political rubber stamp for at least a generation.  Why so many strong dogmatic feelings about Donald Trump?  I believe the answer lies in Donald Trump himself.

I see Donald Trump as a brash, not used to losing, take no prisoners type business guy who is, and always has been, stuck on himself.  That turns many people off in and of itself when they see someone so self confident and to the point of being conceited about it.  Also, if not more to the point, Trump's caustic attacks on his political rivals served only to isolate him and make it almost impossible for him to obtain various people's support when he did eventually prevail in the vote totals.  Yes, according to Trump, he was just hitting back when he was "hit" but the problem was and is that Trump's attacks were extremely personal in nature and unknown to Republican politics before him.  

His frequent personal attacks on Ted Cruz nicknaming him "Lying Ted" or "Little Marco" or "Low Energy" Jeb.  To Trump everything was fair and it was a recipe for winning yet little did Trump, at the time, realize that his caustic attacks on many of the other Republican faithful and candidates would cause such a sharp and deep divide following past the primaries.  Trump used purely personal items for attack against other candidates rather than issue differences and it was taken as just that "PERSONAL" by many of the candidates and supporters of those candidates who now make it personal and cannot or will not support Trump.  For Trump he's prevailed and moved on thinking little about his scorched Earth type policies against people and how it has been perceived.  Now he's facing a truly flawed candidate that is truly flawed in character and deeds yet for her supporters they either fail to believe it or just out right ignore her defects and will vote for her regardless.  Add to that those who now are personally sick of Trump due to his personal attacks against fellow Republicans and Trump has quite a task to make up. 

Frankly I don't know if he can do it because you're not dealing with reason or substance but instead you are dealing with hurt feelings and those run deep and long just because it's personal.    They overshadow any other thing with Trump and frankly I don't think Donald even realizes what he's done.  For him it's game on and whatever is needed he will do or that's how he's prevailed in business.  Frankly Republicans have needed someone to develop a set as Donald has proven he has and call out the media and other flawed Democrats and while it is and was predictable that the Democrats were going to call whoever the Republican nominee was and is Racist Trump falls into the attacks easily as he calls out Illegals as Mexicans as if all Mexicans are illegals and other similar statements. 

Another example is Trumps statements about banning Muslims or allowing attacks on terrorist even if their families are in the homes.  Most know what Trump means by those statements but his nature and his personality has allowed Democrats and the media to easily distort the meaning.  The question is can Trump prevail in such an attack and restore his momentum or pick it up and turn around his negative ratings.  When it's so personal as it's been made to be I wonder if it can be done, even though I fully believe Trump would be the best candidate for president when considered against Hillary who I fully believe is fully corrupt and criminal.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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The media and Dems are going to distort the meaning of any and everything a Republican or Tea Party member says or does. The awful truth about the things Hillary and her supporters do are ignored by them, but it's a full out attack constantly on the right for the tiniest "slight" they can dig up, and they are constantly digging. Trump would not have been my choice, but if it will keep Hillary or any other Dem out, he'll do. We have no future if the Dems stay in office.

Stanky posted:

While I do wonder if the old liberal Trump might reappear after the election, I know it's a sure bet the old Hildabeast will be selling influence out of the White House and selling out our sovereignty. It's a no-brainer to me.

Liberal is one thing, but the bunch of anti-American vipers that call themselves liberals/left/progressive  today is a whole different, dangerous, animal.

Another sad thing and commentary on our political system is that whomever the Republican or non-Democratic candidate is they would be so demonized that they would be the worst human being on earth and far worse than Hitler or Stalin in so many people's eyes and they would whole heartedly believe it because the Democrats and media would make sure of it. 

So just because you are hearing so much about Trump the same would have been said about the Pope if it were the Pope running.  On the contrary the same people who demonize all opposition are so willingly able to overlook actual criminal acts and detestable behavior as when Hillary called the relatives of the Benghazi dead liars because they dared reveal what Hillary told them about the cause of their relatives deaths.

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